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Are you ready to shift your space?

Are you going through a challenging time? Are you ready to heal? Would you like to take your health, career, and relationships to another level?

During a 1:1 session, Nicole will read your energy and discover what blocks are present in keeping you stuck. Upon discovery, ThetaHealing will be used to create flow and love through your energy. ThetaHealing is a beautiful energy healing modality that creates harmony in the body. You will gain clarity, feeling lighter and at peace in moving forward. A secure and safe environment is provided to all clients to ensure privacy is met for healing. All sessions are conducted in person (Sydney) or Zoom (video conference call).

Nicole specializes in:
* Clearing emotional blocks.
* Healing the soul back to wholeness.
* Clearing the mind.
* Releasing weight.
* Soul’s purpose.
* Career transition.
* Creating fulfilling relationships.
* Manifesting your soulmate.

“AMAZING intuitive and thorough practitioner. Nicole is so honed at her craft. She has a soft, gentle nature through your session and as a result creates trust fast. I experienced some profound and dramatic shifts after my sessions with her! She is a powerful, grounded woman with genuine heartfelt desire to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Go see her ! You will come out with more clarity and desire to continue moving forward in your life”
Rowena Jayne, Yoga Teacher/NET Practitioner, Sydney

How many sessions are needed?
Each person varies depending on what their ideal outcome is. Some people may only need one session for a specific challenge. Sometimes that challenge is connected to a funnel of other challenges. If so, its suggested to have more than one session. This may result in fortnightly or monthly treatments depending on how ready the person is to move through their stuff. Over time, they may only need a session here and there.

Others are looking for total transformation. Total transformation is suggested for women who are after long standing change. They have been avoiding their feelings for a long time and have not given themselves the chance to release and let go. They are also new to the ‘awakened path’ and may have never experienced energy healing. This involves one session per week and four sessions per month.


1:1 Consultation $175.00AUD
Runs for 45 minutes to an hour.
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Total Transformation $600.00AUD per month
Four sessions are included starting with one session per week.
Contact Nicole via email for support if needed in between appointments.

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Send us an email at hello@shiftyourspace.com
Call us on 0499-033-999

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