My Story on how ThetaHealing changed my life

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Years ago I always questioned why was it that I felt so much pain in my life and at every moment felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I remember praying to God every day begging for answers to get out of the dark hole I felt I was in. For years I suffered from “depression” and refused to take medication because even though I was diagnosed, I refused to believe that I had it.
I remember studying graphic design and thinking to myself that it was not for me. So I asked myself, what do I love doing the most in my life? My answer was helping people. So I started studying counselling. I then found myself in a room full of people who needed more help then anybody else did. I then thought “okay. How am I meant to help other people when I need help first?”

I was in a relationship, fell in love, and he questioned my faith and who I believed in. I went soul searching to different churches, priests, Christians to find out more bout God and who they believed in. All the while my AuntyTheresa kept asking me to come along to these courses in ThetaHealing. I kept denying it until I got to a point in my life where everything felt like it came crashing down. I thought I had nothing to lose if I go and do this course that my Uncle Mark was teaching.

After taking the first class, I felt absolutely scared, petrified, wanting to run out of the room and had no idea why until we partnered up for the first exercise and to my surprise, everything I was feeling was exactly what the person next to me was feeling. This was the first time I truly learnt what my intuition was. I was picking up feelings from other people that were not mine yet I thought they were. After learning this, I was able to know the difference between my stuff and other peoples. Also the fact that I had a brilliant teacher to show me all of this was amazing (Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunty Theresa for supporting me throughout all of this. My love for you both runs so deep!)

Once I had completed my first class I learnt all about belief systems, the subconscious and how 95% of our life is controlled by our subconscious mind and also learnt about God, or the universal energy, energy of creation, collective consciousness, Mohammed, Buddha, what ever name you want to call it. For some reason all of this clicked with me. I know everybody has different beliefs when it comes to faith, but for me I believe we all have a central belief in that “higher consciousness”, we just choose to take different routes to get there.

ThetaHealing has taught me to be me. It has taught me how my own body can heal itself through changing beliefs and letting go of what’s no longer serving me. I have let go of a lot (not just 20kgs) but gained more then i could have ever imagine. To identify myself with what feels right and live the life that I absolutely deserve. It has shown me how to step out of my comfort zone time and time again as I travel through life. But most importantly it has shown me how I can make a difference in somebody else’s life that needs help. It is my tool of improving my life and empowering others through there’s.

So whatever it is for you, as long as it works, I 100% support you. This is my way of stepping out of my comfort zone to hopefully give you some insight as to how my life was and where I am now because I stepped out of my comfort zone to ask for help.

I am so proud to say I have cried a shit load of tears, embraced fear and converted it into faith in my life and received my Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing while doing it.

Thank you to every single person who I have shared this amazing journey with and will continue to share this journey with. But especially to my mumJoyce & my dad Arthur (for all the lessons you have taught me and giving birth to me :P) Uncle Mark, Aunty Theresa, Zoe Joseph (we have been there since 2011 and wow what a journey it has been), Nikki WhiteGabe MorahanDale BondJiuliana RawsonSandra Matulick and to every ThetaHealer out there!! You are all amazing!!!!

And a special thanks to @Vianna Stibal and Guy Stibal. Without you both there would be no ThetaHealing.


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