The Practice of Gratitude

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A few years ago I went to the Louise L Hay Seminar called ‘I Can Do It’. This was the first time I ever saw Louise L Hay on stage and in person. Louise is one of the most radiant, beautiful, perfectly colour coordinated people walking this earth. She was accompanied by the beautiful Cheryl Richardson who I never heard of before up until that day. Both of them were on stage talking about the little exercises they do on a daily basis. One of the exercises was about gratitude. Louise would always say what she was grateful for throughout her days to bring her into a space of presence and happiness. Louise also explained how gratitude can bring more of what we do want in our life as opposed to what we don’t want.

I wanted to bring more happiness and presence into my daily life and others, so I set a reminder on my iPhone at 9pm every night to say what I am grateful for. This was a kick start to my practice of gratitude. Up until this day, no matter where I am and who I am with, I will say what I am grateful for and ask others to also express what they are grateful for. It eliminates gossip, complaining and negativity from the conversation (great way to get out of that habit!) From this exercise, it allowed me to delve deeper into the practice of gratitude to understand it better and amplify it further in my daily life. I started to say ‘I FEEL grateful for…’ By saying the word ‘feel’ opens ourselves up to anchor in the belief so we can experience it.

One of my teachers along this journey has been my uncle Mark Anthony who is the Australian Representative of ThetaHealing. Throughout his courses and on the topic of ‘manifesting’, he would emphasize on being grateful for what is coming. As we are constantly creating our future, gratitude can be used to bring more of what we do want in our life. Our statements, beliefs, thoughts and feelings are always attracting the same frequency into our lives. SO when we focus on what we are grateful for, it will bring that forward into our lives like a magnet.

Another part of my gratitude experience that I have learnt is to be grateful for what was not expected. Situations can come up in our lives that was not planned. We may come home to find a family member who is really angry and decides to take it out on us. At times like this, it can put us out and make us react. However, the truth in these experiences is that they are teaching us to be patient, compassionate and kind. It’s letting go of the old reactions of the past and seeing the greater lesson in it. Just because a person is experiencing anger does not mean they have to drag you down in it. Be grateful for the lesson they are teaching you as this is helping you evolve.

If we look at the definition of gratitude, it says, “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”.

‘To return kindness’. To say we are grateful is one thing but to return and act with kindness amplifies it.

In the ThetaHealing community there is a trend called ‘#ThetaHealingPassItOn’ challenge. Where a person would be nominated and have 24 hours to do an act of kindness, share it on social media then nominate another person to do it. When I was nominated, I went throughout my whole day seeing how I could be kind to others. I wanted to go beyond what I usually do so it could motivate others to do the same. I was watching my environment throughout the whole day asking myself ‘how can I express kindness?’ and situations would present themselves. It got me out of my space and placed me into a space of service to others.

To practice gratitude, you can follow these simple steps:
1. Gratitude Reminder – Set a time every day where you stop, take a minute and say what you are grateful for.
2. Gratitude for the future – think about what you are working towards, what your goals are, and say you are grateful for them.
3. Gratitude for the Unexpected – look back on your day and think about what was not expected that popped up. Think about the lesson it taught you and say you are grateful for it.
4. Acts of Gratitude – do one act of kindness in your day. Even if it’s giving someone your seat on the bus or helping a work colleague with some work.

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