Are You Ready To


Your Weight?

Do you feel lost and confused?

Have you been battling with weight issues for years?

Have you tried different diets, detoxes and it STILL has not kept the weight off?…

It feels debilitating. It feels like no matter how much you try, it hasn’t paid off.

You start blaming yourself and beating yourself up because you aren’t getting the results you want. You see all these people around you who have their ideal body and you sit there questioning “what’s wrong with me?”

Hey! My name is Nicole and 7 years ago I was obese, had depression and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I turned to conventional medicine, naturopaths, herbalists and no matter what detox, medication or supplement I took, I was still over weight, depressed and upset. Nothing seemed to be working for me. It wasn’t until I discovered the mind, body and soul connection that my life started to have purpose and I was able to create change…

I learnt about the power of the mind and 95% of life is controlled by the subconscious mind. In the subconscious mind are programs that govern the way a person feels, thinks and acts. In my mind, I had programs that held on to pain, hurt, sadness from my past relationships and experiences. I was walking around with all of these feelings and they held me back from moving forward. So no matter how much I tried to fix myself EXTERNALLY (with the diets, detoxes, herbs) it would not work until I changed myself INTERNALLY..

Over time I discovered the 3 Cs:

1. Commitment 🤝– I had to be committed to my health. The only way I was ever going to change was to make that commitment. Every woman I have worked with who has made that same commitment, has made powerful everlasting changes.

2. Consistency 💪🏼– By showing up every day, I created consistent action. I continuously kept picking myself back up, even when I felt challenged. Over time, it became easier. I replaced doubt with certainty, fear with faith, sadness with love. It became real for me. I let go of being a victim and stepped into my power.

3. Community 👯– Being a part of a community helped me grow. It removed the feeling of ‘being alone’ and made me feel connected and supported. I have met some incredible people along my journey who are a part of my soul family. This is what inspired me to run the program ‘Shift Your Weight’. To build a community of women who are connected, moving forward and passionate about life. Life is better with great company. Especially when you surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the ones who believe in you. Are you ready to surround yourself with those who lift you up?

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Over six weeks you will learn how to:

💗 Be in alignment with who you really are.
💗 Connect to your power and manifest what you truly desire.
💗 Release blocks and allow love to come in.
💗 Gain a deeper meaning of your life.
💗 Discover nourishing food for your mind and body.
💗 Transform stress/worry/fear into peace, love, trust and certainty.


Week 1: Laying the Foundation
Get your life back on track and discover what you REALLY desire and how to get it (without the confusion).

Week 2: Move & Fuel Your Body
Learn why your body has cravings (even after you have eaten). Discover the remedy to food bingeing. Identify what your body needs and feed your body with nourishing food.

Week 3: The Power Of Your Thoughts, Words and Actions
Overcome obstacles and learn how to align your thoughts, words and actions to make change in your life.

Week 4: Release and Move On
Identify the 3 big emotions that are holding you back from creating change. Release them easily and effortlessly so you can move on and enjoy your life here and now.

Week 5: Your Life’s Purpose
If you are unsatisfied with your current job or you know deep down you are meant to be living a more meaningful role, you will be taken through an exercise to discover what your purpose is.

Week 6: Love Starts With You
Learn how to start feeling love within yourself and expand that throughout your relationships. What you feel within is what will be experienced in your relationships. Discover what your ‘next steps’ are and how to implement it.

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The program will be conducted in a Secret Facebook Group by a Live Video each week in the comfort of your own space. If you are unable to make the live session, it will be available for play back at your own convenient time. Over the 6 weeks you will be connected with other members, be inspired, receive credible information to keep you on track and support from Nicole and the Shift Your Space Team incase you have any questions along your journey.


💗 6 X Group Coaching Calls.
💗 1 x Morning Intention Meditation (to ground you and help you focus for your day ahead).
💗 1 x Energizer Ball Meditation (to release negativity).
💗 1 x Evening Gratitude Meditation (to talk you through a peaceful, restful sleep).
💗 2 x 45 Minute 1:1 Sessions with Nicole.
💗 Support from Nicole & SYS Team.
💗 PLUS Full access to the recorded workshops after the program has completed.



🌙 When – Each Wednesday evening from 14th of August 2019 AEST
🌙 Time – It will be held each week from 7pm AEST
🌙 Where – Online & Private Facebook Group (only participants who have registered will see this group)
🌙 Investment – $697AUD
Payment plans are available at no extra cost. Email ‘’ if you wish to go on a payment plan

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Love & blessings,
Nicole <3