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How do you define your power? Most societies understand power as something built externally. Through building careers, having possessions, owning a house, a car etc… But that isn’t necessarily the case. If a person’s career, home, and possessions were all taken away from them, how would they respond? Would they feel powerful or vulnerable?


Power is built within.


The internal power system is built based on decisions and choices in life. If a person is presented with a temptation that feeds their personalities needs as opposed to their souls’ needs, their power is weakened. When a person’s soul is stronger than their mind, they have conscious awareness and understand the consequences of their decisions. This leads them to make wiser decisions that serve their soul’s purpose. As a result, their power is strengthened.


How do you start building your internal power system?


  1. Feeling depleted – Take care of yourself

Tune in to see how you are feeling. Does your body need nourishing food? Is it depleted in minerals or vitamins?

When I work with my clients, the first thing I check for is their energy. I tune in to see what their energy tells me. If they are malnourished, we correct it.


  1. Feeling overwhelmed by life – Release the Weight

If you feel overwhelmed, you may be carrying some heavy weight around your shoulders that makes it feel hard to handle the responsibilities and tasks at hand. You may be a ‘dumping ground’ for others to dump their stuff onto.
In a session, I look at what is weighing my clients down. This can come from having obligations to carry the weight from others (partner, family members and work colleagues in particular). Then, we do an energetic clearing of obligations. Once the obligations are cleared, the shoulders ease up and feel lighter. A different perspective is developed that enables them to move forward feeling energized.


  1. Unable to get a grip of emotions and thoughts – Direct Your Thoughts

Choose thoughts that make you feel good. The thoughts that make you feel good are usually the thoughts that are honest.
If you have been unable to gain control of your life, there is a 100% chance you have no control of your thoughts and feelings. We look internally what is going on for you and change it. This builds your power back up giving you more control over your thoughts and feelings.




  1. Letting outside circumstances control you – Take The Wheel

If you could create anything, ‘what would you like to create in your life?’ If you were given the opportunity to do anything, what would it be? Start doing what you are dreaming then it will become your reality.
If it was that simple, you would have done it. But there are reasons, excuses, thoughts as to why you ‘can’t’. It’s not that you can’t. You choose not to. With my clients, we look at what limitations are created in their mind and clear them. Because if it is in the mind, it is in your life. Once the mind is changed, life will change.


  1. Chasing Opportunities – Allow

If you are chasing the relationship, the job, the money, you are stopping yourself from allowing life to serve you. You are the master, not the servant.


Take action, let go, allow. Take action, let go, allow. Take action, let go, allow.


For clients who have been chasing relationships or money are weak in their power. They have given too much of themselves externally instead of building themselves internally. I work on building back their worth and value. By building their worth and value, they come to remember who they really are – the master of their life.


  1. Attaching yourself to expectations – Trust

The mind likes to calculate and depict what’s going to happen and how. It somehow gives people a sense of control when they know how life is going to happen. The reality is – you don’t know every step of your future. What you do know is, everything always works out. There is an undeniable trust that walks with you every step of your life, the question is – are you paying attention?


People who try to figure everything out to gain control – have trust issues. I work with my clients in healing what trust has been broken and rebuild their trust back. It’s about trusting yourself first. Then understanding when to trust and when not to. An internal guiding system is always there telling you which way to go.


  1. Waiting for things to happen – Act

You are too much in your head, and not in your heart. You have given your mind too much attention and your heart very little attention. Do something you have been telling yourself you are going to do and do it. Taking action gives you momentum and energy. You overcome what was once seen as a challenge, and increase your mobility and confidence.
Usually, with clients who wait for things to happen are debilitated by fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of life-changing. I gently guide them through a process where we uncover the beliefs they have around their fears. Then, instill new beliefs of faith, connection, and support. When a person develops a mindset of ‘faith, connection and support’ their power is unlimited.


  1. Always Saying Yes To Others – Say Yes To You

If you find yourself always saying ‘yes’ to others, nine times out of ten, you are saying no to you. When you put your own needs first, you have created the standard of how you would like to be treated by everyone else. When you put other peoples needs first before your own, you have created the standard of how you should be treated.


The reason why a person says ‘yes’ constantly is that firstly, they feel obligated and secondly, they are receiving a benefit in return. With my clients, we discover what benefits they are receiving and change it so they can start giving to themselves first and then choose to help others after if they wish.


  1. Giving into temptation – Connect to Your Soul

An escape route is provided for people who give into temptations. The temptation of sacrificing your own power for short-term satisfaction. The purpose of ‘temptations’ is to test a persons strength and power. Thereby no longer seeing it as a temptation, but an option a person rejects.


By connecting to your soul you become aware of these ‘temptations’ and choose to make wiser decisions that serve you. You build strength, courage, and wisdom. In the longer haul, you create a stronger foundation of success.


When a client gives into temptations its due to the fear of stepping up and change. I make my clients see how their temptations are affecting the other areas of their life. We look at what the temptation is giving them and identify a different route of action to build their power and feed that satisfaction.


If this blog resonated with you and you would like to experience a shift and reconnect to your power, book a session with Nicole by clicking here.


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