Basic ThetaHealing™ Course

Empower yourself with a life changing meditation technique called ‘ThetaHealing’.  You will learn how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and/or others and become a Certified Practitioner.

Sydney: Friday the 17th of April to Sunday the 19th of April 2020


Advanced ThetaHealing™ Course

The Advanced course is where you simplify the ThetaHealing technique, fast-track your intuitive and healing abilities and gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.

Sydney: Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of May 2020

Perth: Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th of May 2020


Dig Deeper Course

When using the ThetaHealing technique, one of the most powerful tools is the ‘digging process’. Using this tool correctly reveals the ‘bottom program’ that holds a condition in place.

Sydney: Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th of May 2020

Perth: Friday 29th of May – Saturday 30th of May 2020


Soulmate Course

To a large extent, the search for love in all shapes and forms is prevalent in life.  In the Soulmate Course, students explore the 7 levels of love.

Merimbula: Saturday the 23rd of May to Sunday the 24th of May 2020

Melbourne: Saturday the 2nd of May to Sunday the 3rd of May 2020


Intuitive Anatomy Course

Go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in 3 weeks with one of the most effective and life changing courses of ThetaHealing®.

Sydney: 7th of September to 25th of September 2020

Perth: 3rd of May to 21st of May 2021


Manifesting and Abundance Course

This course, teaches individuals how to step out of ‘fear’ and embrace their abilities to create a healthy, joyful, wealthy, and successful life.

Sydney: TBC 2020

Melbourne: TBC 2020


Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children Course will enhance, exercise and radically increase your intuitive abilities. Rainbow Children are souls who have come into this world with sensitivity, high awareness and expansive sight into the “unseen” forces.

TBC 2021


Diseases and Disorders

Discover the metaphysical reasons that supports illnesses and how emotions impact the physical body. Resolve and clear fears from working with certain illnesses and expand your clientele in the ThetaHealing realm. This is a ‘must do’ course for every ThetaHealer.

Melbourne: 1st of June to the 12th of June 2020


World Relations Course

The World Relations Course is designed to release beliefs that hold healers back from being able to work unconditionally with anyone who crosses their path, from any country or religious background.

TBC 2020