Manifesting and Abundance Course

With Nicole Yasmin

Every person has the ability to manifest and create abundance. The two questions to ask are:
What are you manifesting?
Which type of abundance do you have?

Society has created a scarce mentality of ‘there is never enough’, which leaves a person manifesting ‘lack’ and living in an abundance of ‘fear’. When a person is in this space, it closes the doors of opportunities and limits them from creating the abundance that is available. By clearing these blockages, it allows immediate access to infinite opportunities and prosperity.

When people begin to use their birthright to manifest their heart’s desires, they will not only bring abundance to their own lives, but to those around them as well. This course teaches individuals how to step out of ‘fear’ and embrace their abilities to create a healthy, joyful, wealthy, and successful life.

In this course, you will learn how to:
– Release the largest blockages to manifesting: regrets; resentments; anger; the ‘poor me’ syndrome; ego and complaining
– Use the ThetaHealing™ technique to manifest wealth, prosperity, health, love, joy and miracles
– Clear any struggle & poverty beliefs on the 4 levels of beliefs (core, genetic, history, and soul)
– Identify and disconnect from social group consciousnesses of scarcity, lack, and limitations
– Use applied kinesiology to muscle test and release more than 140 limiting beliefs
– Download beliefs of wealth and prosperity on all levels
– Fasten your ability to access a Theta brainwave (accessing this brainwave increases your manifesting abilities to 80%-90%)
– Utilize the seventh plane of existence to increase your manifesting ability immediately
– Master the art of manifesting
– Download inanimate objects with intentions that are purposeful and to your benefit – your bank accounts, home, car, investments etc…
– ‘Remembering your future’ – a powerful exercise to look forward into your life and see what you have created
– Perform sessions to heal yourself and others of manifesting blockages
– Increase your confidence and digging skills to manifesting


WHEN Friday the 18th of May – Saturday the 19th of May
WHERE Parramatta Naturopathic Clinic Suite 5/37-39 Smith Street Parramatta
TIME Friday: 9:20am for a 9:30am start – 4:30pm, Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm
INVESTMENT $595AUD ($195 deposit to secure seat. Final balance due before the first day of course)
PRE-REQUISITES Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner Courses

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