Knowing and Living Your Soul’s Purpose

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Have you had an idea brewing in your mind that you could make a living out of? However you feel so comfortable where you are that you couldn’t even comprehend making a living out of this idea?

Let’s be honest, most people do not pursue their passions because of one reason… ‘the fear of the unknown’.

I would like to address this misperception first and foremost. The unknown comes from the ego. When you see your life from your Soul, Creator, Source, God, Buddha, Allah, whatever you want to call it, EVERYTHING is known in this energy because it created EVERYTHING that exists. Let me repeat that, ‘it knows everything because it created everything that exists’.

Now that we got that out of the way, two things will happen when you take that step towards your passion:

1. You act, you fall, you pick yourself up and do it again.
2. You act, you rise, thrive and succeed.

Both steps put you back on your path to thrive and succeed. The trick is to never ever give yourself the option of giving up. You can fall, that’s normal. But never give yourself the option of giving up. Every action step you make is apart of your success, even when you fall down in the process. All you need to do is give yourself the only option to move forward and do it again.

So how do you replace your security of income from your job and make an income from your passion?
Very simple. Get so utterly, deeply enthralled within the process of creating, that the money does not even come into your frame of mind. By thinking for a moment that you are in your passion for monetary purposes is when you begin to come from a space of ego and attachment.

Your Soul is all about your passion, your inspiration, your purpose in life. It does not care, worry or question whether the money is coming or going. It just knows what it is here to do and has certainty it has every need in order to achieve its purpose.

Connect back with your Soul and it’s purpose for that is where certainty and knowing exists.

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