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As a teenager, I was beating my brain for so long in how to lose weight. I saw a naturopath, herbalist, doctors, did different monthly detoxes, diet pills, lite n easy, exercise, the list goes on. I would do these methods and lose a bit of weight, but then put it back on. It was a vicious cycle that felt like it was never going to end.

As the years went on, I started to put on more weight and fell into a depression. I hated myself and felt like a failure.

I came across the movie ‘The Secret’. This taught me how I could create whatever I wanted by using the ‘Law of Attraction’. So in simple terms this movie was saying, when we tell the universe what we want, we attract that in to our life. I felt like this resonated with me. The first step was to know what I wanted. The second step was to create a vision board of photos of what I wanted. Third step was to put the vision board somewhere away out of my consciousness. This was the act of ‘letting go’ to allow the universe to serve me.

The number one key in making this work is affirmative action. I struggled with motivation, so I can understand how hard it feels to want something but have no motivation to make it happen. Soon enough I found out why I had no motivation.

Not long after, my Aunty encourages me to come and do a course in ThetaHealing her husband was teaching. I went and learnt how the mind is linked with the body. That 95% of our life is created by our subconscious while only 5% is conscious. Our subconscious stores belief systems that control the way we think and act.

For example, consciously you may think to yourself ‘yeah I love myself’, but sub-consciously you could have beliefs of ‘I am not good enough’, so no matter how much you tell yourself ‘I love myself’, the other belief will prove that you are not good enough . I discovered through this course the amount of belief systems that were holding me back from losing weight which created NO motivation. I discovered how much self hatred I had, emotional abuse and lack of self love.

Once I cleared my subconscious beliefs through ThetaHealing, I implemented beliefs of self-love, empowerment, confidence, worthiness. I resolved issues from the past, that allowed me to move forward in what I wanted to create. As a result, I released over 20kgs from these courses, eating  healthy nutritious foods that my body craved and discovered Bikram Yoga and fell in love with it.

So how do you lose weight? Simple. Start with your mind. Clear the emotions that are tied to your past. Create emotions and beliefs that empower you to move forward. Everything else will fall into place.

Change starts from the inside, out

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