Fear VS Faith

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Fear VS Faith

My very first book that I read which led me on to my spiritual path was “The Game of Life” by Florence Schovell Schinn. This book taught me the difference between Faith and Fear.

When you are in a space of fear, there is a lack of faith. When you are in a space of faith, there is nothing to fear.

How strong is your faith? Do you believe that when you ask for something, your faith determines the certainty you’ll get it? Or do you doubt it, have thoughts that “it’ll never happen to me” or that “it’s too good to be true”? If these thoughts come to mind, feed your faith, not your fear, doubts and uncertainty.

Whatever may be happening in your life right now, and you may feel powerless or feeling doubtful, it’s not real. What is real is having faith, trust that it always works out. That you are always supported and taken care of.

Our belief systems produce our reality. If we have beliefs around being fearful of letting go or fearful of change, because past experiences have shown that change has created drama or loss, then your mind will do what ever it can to protect you from moving forward. By releasing these fears and putting yourself in a space of empowerment, trust and certainty, life is easier.



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