Are you driven by negative or positive motivation?

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Have you ever questioned why you do what you do to understand why you want what you want? Are you driven by negative or positive motivation?

Lets look at this statement for a moment “I am doing this to prove my father wrong” and put it in a scenario.

Why do you want to prove your father wrong?
Because he said I would never amount to anything.
How did he make you feel?
Worthless, angry, resentful.

Beneath that statement lies feelings of worthless, anger and resentment.
This type of motivation can only get you so far because it is vibrating at a lower frequency. All these feelings hold you back from creating what you want in your life. You can only get so far with proving another person wrong as it limits you in what you can achieve. If you changed your thoughts and feelings from negative to positive, you would be operating at a level of truth and infinite possibilities.

So how do you start operating at a level of positivity?

Through consciousness.

Being conscious of what you say and how you feel is the most effective way of being in your life. Through consciousness we are able to create what we want. We have power of our lives through this state of awareness as it holds the key for happiness and infinite possibilities.

Start living through consciousness to take your power back and create what you want in your life. This takes mastery and practice, however, be patient with yourself. Know that in this moment right now you can create which ever you choose. It is not what has happened to you that defines you, it’s what you decide to do right now that does.

The choice is yours. You can choose to be driven by negativity or driven by positivity.

Which serves you greater?

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