8 Strategies to Achieve Your Intentions for 2016

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1. Set Your Intentions
Know what you want. Our mind’s purpose is to create, so when we set an intention we are passionate about, it can’t help but move forward in achieving them. If we are not giving ourselves intentions, our mind will go back to old habits and patterns. You have the power to create whatever you choose. So get a pen and paper and write down at least 50 things you want to create for yourself in 2016. Here are some examples of intentions:

Health: I Am feeling healthy, slim and energized in my body.
Career/Life Purpose: I Am moving forward with my purpose and feeling happy, successful and passionate.
Wealth: I Am financially abundant with an unlimited source of wealth and security.
Soul Mate/Life Partner: I Am growing in love each day with my partner and feel completely supported and appreciated.
Travel: I Am travelling to Hawaii in 2016 that is full of fun, relaxation and pleasure.
Social: I Am around like minded positive people who I am accepted and loved by.
Family: I Am building a strong foundation with my family that is filled with fun, support, love and kindness.
Spiritual: My connection to Creator strengthens each day
Education: I Am educated in ___________
Community: I Am connected to the community by providing support

2. Don’t focus on the intention
We may have been told previously when it comes to setting intentions to be focused on the intention. However, this is where discouragement and doubt can come into place. The ONLY way your mind knows you are for real, is through your behaviour. So when you look at your intentions, ask yourself, ‘What can I do today for my intention to come to fruition?’ Here are some examples:

Health: I am going to walk for 30 minutes OR I am going to look up recipes that are healthy for weight release
Career/Life Purpose: I am going to look for a career that is aligned with my passion OR I am going to speak to my boss what career alternatives I can pursue that will move me forward on my path.
Wealth: I am going to pay $XXXX towards the debt OR I am going to look for a property I can invest in
SoulMate/Life Partner: I am going to plan a date with my partner OR I am going to go to a singles event and meet someone
Travel: I am going to book my ticket to Hawaii OR I am going to lock out dates in my diary and look up airfares
Social: I am going to look up a meet up group who are positive OR I am going to contact my friends who I feel loved and accepted by
Family: I am going to plan a BBQ lunch with my family OR I am going to speak to my mum once a week
Spiritual: I am going to meditate in the morning OR I am going to read up a book on spirituality
Education: I am going to look up a class in ______ and book myself in OR I am going to watch a documentary
Community: I am going to volunteer my time to a local community OR I am going to donate money to a charity

3. Let it Go
Did the song from Frozen play in your mind when you read that? Lol!
Let go of doubt, uncertainty, discouragement, fear, failure, negativity, impatience. Let it ALL go! These are all images of the mind that are not real. At any time you feel like it’s hard, that is PERFECT. You know why? You are at the breaking point of change. You are overcoming an obstacle and creating a new habit for yourself that is aligned with your intentions.
As Winston Churchill says ‘When you are going through hell, keep going’. So keep going!

4. Be Interdependent
You cannot be independent. This is physically impossible. Everything you do and everything that you are is interconnected with everything in your life. The food you eat has been grown from the soil that was harvested by a farmer and brought into the market where you purchased your food. The job you are in provides a service to clients who in turn pay for your income. EVERYTHING you do is interdependent. Now, with this realization, breathe and relax. You are never on your own. You have a life network of people who can assist you with your growth and intentions. Use your network to your benefit. If you need help, ask. You were never meant to do anything in your life by yourself.

5. Have Mentors
Who are your mentors in the areas of your life that have what you want? You don’t need to physically know them, but you can learn about what they do in order to achieve what you want. Think about a person who you admire who has the ideal health you would like. Speak to them or look up how they achieved their health. Now, this is not to say that you are going to admire their personal life, it’s simply focusing on the area of their life that you aspire to become for yourself. Once you have learned about how they have achieved it, incorporate it in your daily life.

6. Support Network
The 5 people you associate with the most is the average of who you are. Take a moment and think of the 5 people you associate the most with and write it down. This could even be audiobooks and videos of Inspirational teachers, if you spend a lot of time listening to educators. Once you have the 5 people, write down 3 characteristics you would use to describe them. Now, all those characteristics have an impact on your life. Is this what you want to be around? If not, start branching and spreading your wings to be around people who will impact you in a positive way.

7. Declarations
What you think you become. The way you train your mind to think a different way is through declarations.
But wait, what are declarations you may be thinking? Declarations are statements you read aloud to yourself with CONVICTION in the mirror that define and shape who you are. Think of 20 declarations that you would like to define yourself as that are aligned with your intentions. Here are some examples of declarations:

I feel love in every cell in my body
I am at peace within my mind, body and soul
I am wealthy
I am moving forward towards my desires
I am choosing to be in this moment, for in this moment I am at peace
I know how to enjoy the process of life

Read this aloud to yourself in the mirror once a day.

8. Environment
Look around your work and home environment. How do you feel? Does it uplift you or does it drain you? Take steps to create an environment where you feel the way you want to feel. Remember, nobody has control over the way you think and feel except you. You choose how you want to live your life. Start taking action and create a space that you feel great in.
Get rid of clutter and negative objects that make you go “ugh”. Place pictures and objects of what you love! This is going to align you with your intentions.

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