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Life can feel really hard when you are trying different methods to improve your physical and mental health, and don’t see the results you want.

Nicole has lived through uncertainty and dissatisfaction. As a teenager she was obese, suffering from depression and polycystic ovarian syndrome. For years she tried diets, detoxes, supplements, vitamins and incorporated them with exercising to fix her health.

The only tool which helped her break this cycle of unhappiness was a meditation technique called ‘ThetaHealing®’. After discovering ThetaHealing®, Nicole went on to release more than 20kgs and no longer experience PCOS or Depression. This lead her to inspire and educate women from all over the world to live a meaningful life.
Nicole sees clients one on one, leads Shift Your Space workshops and teaches Certified Thetahealing Courses. Nicole guides women to release weight, be with their most compatible soul mate and live their life’s purpose.

If you are struggling with your weight and would like to find out why, receive your free copy of Nicole’s eBook ’10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Releasing Weight’

  • I have been enjoying the sessions with Nicole immensley.. I had been battling with weight issues for years.. I have cleared alot of past negative emotional trauma and baggage. I have released 5kg in the span of 3 weeks and feel absolutely amazing.. It has changed my life physically and more importantly mentally.. Thank you Nicole for your warm and gentle spirit. It is always a pleasure attending your classes.

    Paula Rahme
    Paula Rahme Sydney
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