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Shift Your Weight 6 Week Transformation Program

✔ Week 1 Laying the Foundation
✔ Week 2 Fuel Your Body with Rich Nutrition
✔ Week 3 The Power of Your Thoughts, Words and Actions
✔ Week 4 Release and Move On
✔ Week 5 Your Life’s Purpose
✔ Week 6 Love Starts With You
✔ Full Access: Live Video Workshops (available for playback)
✔ PLUS: 3x Meditations: Morning, Evening & Energizer Ball
✔ BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to Shift Your Space Community
✔ BONUS #2: Exclusive Shift Your Weight Events
✔ BONUS #3: 1:1 Consultation with Nicole

Starting Monday 16th of October at 7 pm AEST

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“I have been enjoying the sessions with Nicole immensely.. I had been battling with weight issues for years.. I have cleared alot of past negative emotional trauma and baggage. I have released 5kg in the span of 3 weeks and feel absolutely amazing.. It has changed my life physically, but more importantly, mentally.. Thank you Nicole for your warm and gentle spirit. It is always a pleasure attending your classes.”
– Paula Ann Rahme, Shift Your Weight Participant

Create Your Balance, Feed Your Soul, Nourish Your Body