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Shift Your Weight Session

In our one to one session, I am going to assess your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states to discover what blockages are in place. Some of these blockages can be feelings of abuse, regret, rejection, resentment, hurt and feeling unsafe. Together, we will change your main block to feelings of freedom, ease, love and drive.

✔ Let go of the resistance and start getting results!
✔ Release the pain and move forward
✔ Change the stress to feeling calm and peaceful
✔ PLUS: Complimentary meditations to get you sleeping better and more energy for your day!


SYW Session
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At checkout $125.00 AUD
Every 2 weeks (x 1) $125.00 AUD
Total $250.00 AUD
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“My mission in life is to teach and inspire women to shift their weight so they can start living the life they desire with passion and purpose”
– Nicole Yasmin, Founder of Shift Your Space

Now is the time for change…