Basic ThetaHealing™ Course – Sydney

Empower yourself with a life changing meditation technique called ‘ThetaHealing’.

In 3 days you will learn how to:

– Enter a Theta brain wave consciously to create your own reality (the Theta brain wave is known as the access point to manifest and create)
– Discover the power of the subconscious mind and the 4 levelf of belief systems
– Use muscle testing to identify what belief systems are stored in your subconscious mind
– Heal yourself and others
– Instil positive belief systems that are in alignment with who you are, such as ‘I am loved’, ‘I know how to live my life in joy’
– Practice exercises on how to open up your intuition to be guided throughout life
– Free yourself (and others) from psychic hooks, waywards and curses
– Perform angel & future readings
– Intuitively see inside the body
– Learn how to manifest what you desire for your life

At the end of the 3 days you will learn how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and/or others. As well as become a Certified Practitioner.

WHEN Friday the 24th of August to Sunday the 26th of August 2018

WHERE Sydney NSW (Venue TBA)

INVESTMENT $595AUD ($195AUD to secure your seat. Final balance due by the 8th of June) Payment Plans available

TIME Friday-8:30am for a 9am start until 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm each day

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Advanced ThetaHealing™ Course – Sydney

The Advanced course is where you simplify the ThetaHealing technique, fast-track your intuitive and healing abilities and gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.

Some people go through life experiencing the same lesson over and over again. This could be learning how to love, what it feels like to experience joy, or how to be in a trustworthy relationship. In this course, you receive over 50 pages worth of downloads of beliefs and feelings instantly. As a result, you fast-track your learning and raise your vibration to live in harmony, joy and love.

– Accelerate the ThetaHealing technique
– Receive over 50 pages of new feelings and beliefs
– Increase your intuitive and healing abilities
– Dissolve resentments, regrets and rejections easily
– Gain an in-depth understanding of the 7 Planes of Existence
– Grow your confidence and self-esteem
– Facilitate healings on plants
– Perform scans on plants and crystals
– Download non-organic material with programs
– How to perform an ancestral reading and higher-self reading
– Receive miraculous healing through exercises such as mending a broken soul and sending love to the baby in the womb
– Simplify the ThetaHealing technique

The Seven Planes of Existence are what makes up everything.

7th Plane: The Divine Energy of Creation exists here. This is referred to as Creator and Unconditional Love. Accessing this plane will bring truth, love and harmony into your life and bring forth your manifestations easily.

6th Plane: All the Laws of the Universe reside here. The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Time, The Law of Compassion and the list goes on and on. Learn how to manipulate the Law of TIme and allow time to work in your favour.

5th Plane: The ultimate Plane of Duality is the 5th Plane. Here there are polar opposites i.e. faith and fear. Accessing this Plane you can talk to your Angels, Ascended Masters and your Higher Self.

4th Plane: The Spirit Realm holds all spirits that exist including loved ones who have passed and Ancestors who are guardians. Learn how to meet and speak with a loved one.

3rd Plane: The Physical Plane is where the physical body of humans and animals live. Discover how to do a healing on animals and perform energy clearings on your home, office and car.

2nd Plane: Work with organic matter like plants, flowers, trees and vitamins. Perform healings on plants to grow in beauty, strength and love.

First Plane: Non-organic matter such as rocks, minerals, crystals and heavy metals reside on the first plane. Learn how to reprogram crystals with specific tasks such as protection, guidance and energy.

WHEN Friday 20th of July 2018 – Sunday 22nd of July

WHERE Parramatta RSL Club Parramatta Sydney

TIME Friday-6:15pm for a 6:30pm start until 9:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm each day

INVESTMENT $625AUD ($225AUD deposit before the 20th of June to secure your spot. Final balance is due 6th of July 2018)

PRE-REQUISITES Certified Basic ThetaHealing Practitioner Course

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Dig Deeper Course – Sydney

When using the ThetaHealing technique, one of the most powerful tools is the ‘digging process’. Using this tool correctly reveals the ‘bottom program’ that holds a condition in place. This then enables the Practitioner to shift it and experience profound changes.

Vianna (the founder of ThetaHealing) discovered through her practice of seeing clients, there are 8 different ways of digging. These include:
– Fear
– Resentment
– Illness 1
– Illness 2
– Manifesting
– Genetic
– History
– Impossible

In a session, a Practitioner can go in and out of these digging styles to get to the bottom belief program. Some challenges Practitioners experience are not knowing what questions to ask and not knowing how to tap into their intuition to guide the process. Being intuitively guided is where the magic happens. In this course, you will learn how to use your intuition to ask questions that get you to the bottom program.
Two digging demonstrations will be provided to teach students how simple and easy the digging process really is.

During this course, you will learn how to:
– Master the digging tool
– Reduce your digging time and reach the bottom program quicker
– Release resentments, fears, anger, hurt, sorrow easily and effectively
– Remove blockages to your manifestations
– Increase your awareness to identify and clear blockages for your clients so they can recognise the changes that have taken place
– Identify the correct questions to ask throughout the digging process
– Heal with joy, love and ease
– Increase your confidence in muscle testing and how to use it to identify the bottom program
This course is designed to teach Practitioners how to effectively dig with ease and simplicity. In turn, you will gain confidence in your healings on yourself and your clients. You will also receive downloads of beliefs and feelings that will open up your intuition and increase your ability to use the digging technique with certainty.

Dig Deeper is now a Core course and a pre-requisite for Intuitive Anatomy and other courses. If you are planning to do Intuitive Anatomy, this course is a must.


WHEN Saturday the 4th of August – Sunday the 5th of August 2018
WHERE Sydney (Venue TBA)
TIME Saturday 8:45am for a 9am start – 5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm
INVESTMENT $550AUD ($150 deposit to secure seat before the 4th of July. Final balance due before the 21st of July)
PRE-REQUISITES Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner Courses
RSVP 4th of July

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Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner Course – Sydney

When people begin to use their birthright to manifest their heart desires, they will not only bring abundance to their own lives, but to those around them as well. This courses, teaches individuals how to step out of ‘fear’ and embrace their abilities to create a healthy, joyful, wealthy, and successful life.

In this course, you will learn how to:
– Release the largest blockages to manifesting: regrets; resentments; anger; the ‘poor me’ syndrome; ego and complaining
– Use the ThetaHealing™ technique to manifest wealth, prosperity, health, love, joy and miracles
– Clear any struggle & poverty beliefs on the 4 levels of beliefs (core, genetic, history and soul)
– Identify and disconnect from social group consciousnesses of scarcity, lack and limitations
– Use applied kinesiology to muscle test and release more than 140 limiting beliefs
– Download beliefs of wealth and prosperity on all levels
– Fasten your ability to access a Theta brain wave (accessing this brain wave increases your manifesting abilities to 80%-90%)
– Utilize the seventh plane of existence to increase your manifesting ability immediately
– Master the art of manifesting
– Download inanimate objects with intentions that are purposeful and to your benefit – your bank accounts, home, car, investments etc…
– ‘Remembering your future’ – a powerful exercise to look forward into your life and see what you have created
– Perform sessions to heal yourself and others of manifesting blockages
– Increase your confidence and digging skills to manifesting

WHEN Friday the 9th of November – Saturday the 10th of November 2018

TIME 9:30AM – 5:30PM (9:15am on Friday for a 9:30am start)

WHERE  Sydney NSW (Venue TBA)

PRE-REQUISITES Basic ThetaHealing™ & Advanced ThetaHealing™ Practitioner Course

INVESTMENT $595 ($195 deposit to secure your seat. The final balance of $400 is due on the first day of course. Payment plans are available at no extra cost. For payment plan, email

RSVP 30th of October 2018

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Intuitive Anatomy Course – Melbourne

Go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in 3 weeks with one of the most effective and life changing courses of ThetaHealing®. Understand and hone in on the ThetaHealing® technique as you apply it daily 5 days per week for 3 weeks. By the end of this course, you will be more connected to who you truly are and gain an in-depth understanding of how your beliefs shape your reality. You will come out of this course with a different awareness and perspective on life. This course is a must for any person who is seeking effective change and healing of the mind, body, and soul.

You will discover how to:
– enter a Theta brain wave instantly with your eyes open
– identify each system of the body and which emotions and belief systems are stored where
– instantly clear old negative emotions and limiting beliefs
– open up and enhance your intuitive abilities
– perform body scanning efficiently and accurately
– create stronger boundaries
– become nonchalant to experiences that once bothered you
– connect with like-minded people in a safe, nurturing environment
– experience deep profound healings

WHEN Monday the 4th of March 2019 – Friday the 22nd of March 2019 (Monday to Friday each week for 3 weeks)
WHERE Melbourne Victoria Australia (Venue TBA)
TIME Monday to Friday 9am start until 5pm each day
PRE-REQUISITES Basic ThetaHealing® & Advanced ThetaHealing®

Secure your place in this course by using the Reserve My Seat button below to pay your deposit. All deposits received prior to 8th of December 2018 will secure the early bird special of a $400AUD discount (meaning there will only be $2000AUD remaining). Any deposits received after 8th of December 2018 are not entitled to this early bird discount.

After you have paid your deposit, if you would like to set up a pre-payment plan for your remaining $2000AUD course fee, please contact

Please note this is a pre-payment plan only, meaning we will work out a mutually agreeable plan to ensure your course is fully paid prior to commencing on 4th of March 2019.

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