Basic Thetahealing Course

Empower yourself with a life changing meditation technique called ‘ThetaHealing’.

In 3 days you will learn how to:

– Enter a Theta brain wave consciously to create your own reality (the Theta brain wave is known as the access point to manifest and create)
– Discover the power of the subconscious mind and the 4 levelf of belief systems
– Use muscle testing to identify what belief systems are stored in your subconscious mind
– Heal yourself and others
– Instil positive belief systems that are in alignment with who you are, such as ‘I am loved’, ‘I know how to live my life in joy’
– Practice exercises on how to open up your intuition to be guided throughout life
– Free yourself (and others) from psychic hooks, waywards and curses
– Perform angel & future readings
– Intuitively see inside the body
– Learn how to manifest what you desire for your life

At the end of the 3 days you will learn how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and/or others. As well as become a Certified Practitioner.

WHEN Friday the 9th of February – Sunday the 11th of February 2018

WHERE Sydney NSW (venue TBA)

INVESTMENT $595AUD ($195AUD to secure your seat. Final balance due by the 9th of February) Payment Plans available

TIME Friday-9:15am for a 9:30am start until 5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm each day

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Power of Healing – Free Workshop

Are you looking for techniques to change and heal your life and the lives of others?

Are you ready to shift your life when it comes to your health, career and/or relationships to the next level?

At this free workshop, I am going to share with you how to:

– Tap into your power to manifest your hearts desires
– Heal yourself from old emotions and negative thoughts to experience more happiness and joy in your everyday life
– Open up your intuition so you can have more clarity and confidence
– Improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
– Access the Theta Brain wave to create change in your life

The Theta Brain Wave is the brainwave of accessing your subconscious mind to dissolve limiting beliefs and feelings. By tapping into it, you can consciously dis-create whats holding you back and create the life you desire.

Say bye bye to stress, pain, anger and hurt. Welcome in authentic happiness, joy, love, laughter, and serenity.

In this workshop, you will learn course material taken from the Basic ThetaHealing Course.

This will include:
– The power of your subconscious mind
– The 4 Level Belief System
– How your belief systems are creating your life
– How to instantly reprogram your negative beliefs
– Instil positive beliefs that will empower your life

The workshop will be fun, relaxed and informative.

WHEN Tuesday 12th of December 2017

WHERE Online

TIME 6:45 pm for a 7 pm start until 8:30 pm


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Advanced Thetahealing Course

The Advanced course is where you learn how to simplify the ThetaHealing technique and apply it in your day-to-day. Learn how to instantly dissolve negative feelings and beliefs while replacing them with positive feelings and beliefs. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of existence and how they co-exist with another whilst being connected to that divine energy of creation.

WHEN Friday 15th of December – Sunday 17th of December

WHERE Parramatta Sydney (Venue TBA)

TIME Friday-9:15am for a 9:30am start until 4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm each day

INVESTMENT $595AUD ($195AUD deposit to secure your spot)

PRE-REQUISITES Certified Basic ThetaHealing Practitioner Course

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Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner Course

When people begin to use their birthright to manifest their heart desires, they will not only bring abundance to their own lives, but to those around them as well. This courses, teaches individuals how to step out of ‘fear’ and embrace their abilities to create a healthy, joyful, wealthy, and successful life.

In this course, you will learn how to:
– Release the largest blockages to manifesting: regrets; resentments; anger; the ‘poor me’ syndrome; ego and complaining
– Use the ThetaHealing™ technique to manifest wealth, prosperity, health, love, joy and miracles
– Clear any struggle & poverty beliefs on the 4 levels of beliefs (core, genetic, history and soul)
– Identify and disconnect from social group consciousnesses of scarcity, lack and limitations
– Use applied kinesiology to muscle test and release more than 140 limiting beliefs
– Download beliefs of wealth and prosperity on all levels
– Fasten your ability to access a Theta brain wave (accessing this brain wave increases your manifesting abilities to 80%-90%)
– Utilize the seventh plane of existence to increase your manifesting ability immediately
– Master the art of manifesting
– Download inanimate objects with intentions that are purposeful and to your benefit – your bank accounts, home, car, investments etc…
– ‘Remembering your future’ – a powerful exercise to look forward into your life and see what you have created
– Perform sessions to heal yourself and others of manifesting blockages
– Increase your confidence and digging skills to manifesting

WHEN Monday the 18th of December – Tuesday the 19th of December 2017

TIME 9:30AM – 5:30PM (9:15am on Monday for a 9:30am start)

WHERE Parramatta Sydney (Venue TBA)

PRE-REQUISITES Basic ThetaHealing™ & Advanced ThetaHealing™ Practitioner Course

INVESTMENT $595 ($195 deposit to secure your seat. The final balance of $400 is due on the first day of course. Payment plans are available at no extra cost. For payment plan, email

RSVP 18th of November 2017

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Shift Your Weight – Free Live Webinar

Life can feel really hard when you are trying different methods to release weight and not get anywhere. You may lose a few kilograms and then put a few kilograms back on. On top of that, you may have tried so many different diets and STILL are not happy and content with your health/body image.

After years of looking into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weight release, I have finally found what works. See, I was putting all my energy into diets and exercise to try and ‘fix’ myself. When only to realise later on it had a lot to do with my mental and emotional state. After discovering this, I applied what I learned and released over 20kgs of weight.

In this Free Masterclass, you are going to gain powerful insights in how your mind plays a large role in your health and weight release. I like to call it weight release, because you are releasing it, not losing it so you can find it again 😛

By attending this Masterclass, you will experience:
– Clarity on how your health and life is the way it is
– A meditation that will change stress to serenity
– A shift from negative thoughts to positive

WHEN Monday the 15th of January 2018
WHERE Online
TIME 7pm-8:30pm AEST

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Recharge Your Gut Health with Zac & Nicole

On the day you will learn:

– Proven and tested methods that will reverse those nasty symptoms like bloating, upset tummy and food binging
– Why your gut is considered the second most important organ in your body
– What leaky gut syndrome is, how it gets formed and what to do to reverse it
– The power foods that help you heal your gut
– The impact of your environment and household items on your health
– Be informed with your water by watching a live demonstration of how some brands of water are actually acidic and what brands of water are alkaline
– The mind and gut connection and how it is influencing your health without you even knowing it
– Which negative emotions are stored in your gut
– An overview of Applied Kinesiology and how to use it for yourself to create change
– Powerful meditations that will calm your senses
– How to change negative feelings to positive
– Breathing exercises that will boost your energy levels
– What is emotional eating, what causes it and how to overcome it
– Quick and easy recipes that are full of nutrition and mouth wateringly Delicious
– The event will finish off with a mind-mapping creative session and a GIVE AWAY to those who participate

On the day, you will experience:
– FUN while you learn and grow
– Transformational methods to recharge your gut health
– Delicious yummy food made with love
– Connection with like-minded people
– A boost to your senses with passion, purpose and drive!

WHEN Saturday the 3rd of February 2018
WHERE 44 Addison Road Manly NSW
TIME 9am-4:30pm

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Intuitive Anatomy Course

Go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in 3 weeks with one of the most effective and life changing courses of ThetaHealing®. Understand and hone in on the ThetaHealing® technique as you apply it daily 5 days per week for 3 weeks. By the end of this course, you will be more connected to who you truly are and gain an in-depth understanding of how your beliefs shape your reality. You will come out of this course with a different awareness and perspective on life. This course is a must for any person who is seeking effective change and healing of the mind, body, and soul.

You will discover how to:
– enter a Theta brain wave instantly with your eyes open
– identify each system of the body and which emotions and belief systems are stored where
– instantly clear old negative emotions and limiting beliefs
– open up and enhance your intuitive abilities
– perform body scanning efficiently and accurately
– create stronger boundaries
– become nonchalant to experiences that once bothered you
– connect with like-minded people in a safe, nurturing environment
– experience deep profound healings

WHEN Monday the 7th of May – Friday the 25th of May 2018 (Monday to Friday each week for 3 weeks)
WHERE Sydney NSW Australia TBC
TIME Monday to Friday 9:30am start until 4:30pm each day
PRE-REQUISITES Basic ThetaHealing® & Advanced ThetaHealing®

Secure your place in this course by using the Reserve My Seat button below to pay your deposit. All deposits received prior to 1st of April will secure the early bird special of a $400AUD discount (meaning there will only be $2000AUD remaining). Any deposits received after 1st of April 2018 are not entitled to this early bird discount.

After you have paid your deposit, if you would like to set up a pre-payment plan for your remaining $2000AUD course fee, please contact

Please note this is a pre-payment plan only, meaning we will work out a mutually agreeable plan to ensure your course is fully paid prior to commencing on 7th of May 2018.

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